Ukuva iAfrica Peri Peri Sauce

“Fifteen miles south of the Indian Ocean port of Mombassa on Africa’s tropical East coast, lies Diani Beach and home to Mr Mutiaka who is famous for his Peri Peri Sauce that he serves on flame-grilled prawns and chicken, with chunks of home made griddle bread and grated green mango."

Ukuva iAfrica Peri Peri Sauce Ingredients and Nutritional information

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Peri Peri is several layers of red chilli on a flavour base of lemon and garlic with black pepper and parsley in the background: it is one of the iconic flavours of the east coast of Africa...

Peri Peri is made for flame grilled chicken and prawns. Paint a little sauce onto chicken half an hour before flame-grilling (for prawns, grill immediately). Sprinkle a little more Peri Peri before serving with rice and a tomato and onion salad (or a grated green mango salad).

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