Ukuva iAfrica Malawi Gold Sauce

At Lake Malawi, I watched the local fishermen ply their trade. While the men are fishing, the women make their magical Malawi Gold - a thick, golden sauce prepared in a handbeaten copper wok over an open fire. When the men return, the fresh fish is added to this sauce, served with boiled rice and eaten around the embers of the fire as they share the stories of their day.

Ingredient and nutri of Ukuva iAfrica Malawi Gold Sauce

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Malawi is built on a base of fresh vegetables - this means the chilli (a combination of dried red and fresh green Serrano) is hot (some say Malawi is the hottest sauce in the range) - but intensely flavourful and deliciously more-ish.

The chilli experience is interesting: it has a mildly fragrant start, a snap in the middle and a lingering warmth that builds to quite an intensity... So if the first bite of Malawi is mild, hang in there - it WILL warm up - promise!

Malawi is excellent in fresh pasta: blend half a cup each of fresh flatleaf parsley, coriander leaf and olive oil; add 30-60ml Malawi Gold; stir into fresh pasta.

For a superb sandwich spread (for smoked meat or fish) or crudite’s dip, mix Malawi into cream cheese.

Paint onto chicken or pork, marlin or swordfish before grilling over open coals.

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