Ukuva iAfrica Chakalaka Sauce

"As the sun set over the majestic, mystical Baobabs - the massive ‘upside down’ tree - my host roasted succulent young goat over the coals, made putu (stiff maize porridge), corn on the cob and Cha-ka-la-ka. He claims the miners of the Gold Reef make the best Cha-ka-la-ka - a curried vegetable stew (often with a lot of chilli!) to eat before they set off for a night’s revelry. “They say,” he whispered with a wink, “Cha-ka-la-ka will instantly cure the effect alcohol has on a man..."

Ukuva iAfrica Chakalaka Sauce Ingredients and Nutritional information

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Ukuva's Chakalaka was first made as a steakhouse sauce in the 1980's - and its been charming diners ever since. Its tangy, sweet and spicy - delicious with flame grilled lamb, pork, chicken, corn, burgers or vegetable skewers.

Add to cream cheese as a topping for oven roasted potato wdges - garnish with crispy onion flakes.

A great dip for corn chips. Spread on cheese and ham sandwiches or add to a vegetable stir-fry... or oven roasted carrots.

Ukuva iAfrica Roast carrots with Baobab Chakalaka

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