Ukuva iAfrica Zulu Fire Sauce Ukuva iAfrica Malawi Gold Sauce Ukuva iAfrica Peri Peri Sauce Ukuva iAfrica Chakalaka Sauce Ukuva iAfrica Swazi Mama Mamba Sauce Ukuva iAfrica Chermoula Sauce Ukuva iAfrica Cape Malay Sauce aka Cape Curry Sauce Ukuva iAfrica Safari BBQ Sauce Ukuva iAfrica Harissa Sauce

The first sauces the traveller made, was the original 'Big Four': Zulu Fire Sauce, Swazi Mama Mamba, Malawi Gold and the 'Purple Heat' called Umsobu Iyababa (as in the 'daddy of the sauces' - a sauce for brave old men - not "childrens' food"). The name sounds benign, but Umsobo Iyababa had to be discontinued - it was so hot, even the people making it felt threatened!

In time, other sauces joined the family - most on the moderate/mild side of hot sauce. The taste of Africa is about so much more than just heat: its about rich, well developed, complex flavours.

... and that, by the way, is why one adds a flavouring sauce (as opposed to building the flavours with spices and herbs etc) - the flavours in sauces are already developed.

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