Ukuva iAfrica Braai Salt: Bushveld Blend Salt Grinder

“ One thing unites the determinedly diverse South Africans - they love ”braai’ (BBQ). Every family has their ‘Braai King’ - the man who knows about MEAT - and the right wood and seasoning... From Mzoli’s in Gugs, to the city suburbs and the fellow braaing under a thorn tree in the bushveld, there is a ‘secret’ blend of herbs and spices in every braai-master's arsenal.”

Sea salt, garlic, sugar, mustard, coriander, paprika, black pepper, cumin, white peppercorns, chillie, oregano, Hickory essence, thyme, and paprika oil: This blend does magic with meat - just the right levels of spice, heat, smoke and sweetness to highlight the finest flavours of beef, lamb, ostrich, springbok, kudu and pork steak.

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Ukuva's resident ‘Braai Master’ advises: salt the meat as it goes onto the gril and don’t overcook it. Rather take it off a little early and rest it for 10 minutes. Most meat (except chicken - which according to the local carnivores, ought to be regarded as a vegetable) is at its best, slightly rare.

Ukuva iAfrica Braai Salt Food

In South Africa, September 24th is a national holiday:'Braai Day'! (aka Heritage Day)

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