Ukuva iAfrica Lemon Hot Drops Sauce

Lemon Hot Drops is made for seafood... and chicken. The flavours of lemon, garlic and green chilli predominate, supported by green herby notes.
Green chilli flavours love olive oil and butter: Melt a little butter into a puddle of olive oil, slightly saute a clove of crushed garlic and add a splash of Hot Drops Lemon. This sauce will enchant grilled prawns, white fish or skinless chicken breasts, steamed green beans, mange tout peas, green asparagus and courgettes.

Ukuva iAfrica Lemon Hot Drops Sauce Ingredients and Nutritional information

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People frequently ask why there is sugar in Hot Drops. Apart from the flavour expanding properties - a little sweetness allows other flavours to shine. The reality of 'cleaning out the nasties', is that developers have to find natural alternatives to replace the additives that provide stability, coating properties (viscocity) and preservative functions. So - a little sugar is worth its weight in goodness.

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