Ukuva iAfrica Hot Drops: Ghost Chilli

GHOST CHILLI is very, very hot... Those who know chilli, claim it is eight times hotter than a Habanero, which is 100,000 times hotter than a salad pepper.

The 'thing' with Ghost Chilli is that the heat is not immediate - it sneaks up, builds and builds and lingers (like a phantom)... Some people claim they could still feel the tingle a day later.

Made to deliver not just burn - but flavour too - the base is formulated to work with protein and fats: It is stunning with grilled steak, burgers, game fish and prawns.

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Add a few drops to sauces that need a little buzz. Ghost chilli adds a lot of heat - and a whole heap of flavour too!

Ukuva iAfrica Ghost Chilli Ingredients and Nutritional information

Ukuva iAfrica GHOST Chilli: Steak with chilli

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