Ukuva iAfrica Garlic & Chilli Sauce

Prepare to meet your favourite of favourite Hot Drops: Garlic & Chilli. Hot enough to be interesting - mild enough to appeal to people who like garlic flavour with a little buzz.

Garlic & Chilli Hot Drops is the friend of steak and burgers and pies, pasta dishes: lasagna, spag-bol and pizza, tomato based sauces, potato fries and wedges, fried onions and onion rings.

Ukuva iAfrica Hot Drops Garlic & Chilli Sauce Ingredients and Nutritional information

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Customers frequently ask what they need to do to 'build' flavour. The secret is to construct the dish so that there is a dominant flavour - and a supporting cast.

Develop the dominant flavour by adding it in two or three ways: for example chilli & garlic: use some fresh - lightly fry in at the start of the cooking process - add a little dried chilli while cooking and just before serving, finish with a choice chilli sauce. Make sure the chilli sauce echoes at least one of the supporting flavours (like red pepper or basil) - a sure fire winner.

With 'difficult' sauces - the taste stays 'flat' - reduce 100ml of good quality wine vinegar (spirit vinegar will only go bitter!), to about 50ml in a fast boiling pan. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and add this mixture into the sauce teaspoon by teaspoon until the flavour pops!

Ukuva iAfrica Garlic Chilli Hot Drops: Chicken & Garlic

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