Ukuva iAfrica Hot Drops Fermented Four Chilli Sauce

Fermentation adds a fascinating 'yeasty' dimension to flavour: this is what draws people to the taste of beer, Marmite and bread: its Umami - the bridge sense that connects savoury flavours.

Four Chilli Fermented Hot Drops has that fascinating dimension- it highlights other flavours - paricularly grilled meat, pizza, pasta, cheese and tomato dishes.

Ukuva iAfrica Hot Drops Fremented Four Chilli Sauce Ingredients and Nutritional information

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The ULTIMATE Ragu: Chop 1 large onion, an equal volume (not weight) celery, 100ml parsley, 2 carrots, 2 cloves of garlic and 15ml fresh (5ml dry) oreganum in a food processor. Gently saute in 125ml olive oil. Brown 500g beef mince. Add the sauted veg, 2tbs red wine vinegar, 1tsp cinnamon and a can of chopped, peeled tomatoes. Add salt; simmer 90 min on low heat. Add 5-15ml Four Chilli Fermented Hot Drops. Put hot pasta in a bowl - pop 7-9 1cm cubes of mozarella into the pasta; Serve sauce on top.

This is the perfect all purpose Hot Sauce - keep it on the table, people will keep coming back for more!

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