Ukuva iAfrica FLO Pepper grinder: Swahili Lemon Pepper

"In Dar es Salaam I ducked into a spice shop to escape the sun for a few minutes and left a few hours later, having been comprehensively instructed on the more esoteric properties of certain spices. There are people who claim Swahili Lemon Pepper is positively addictive... They tell you to serve it to guests you would like to return soon - and often...”

Black pepper with citrus, garlic, salt and a pinch of chives: the most popular blend ever - true to the legend, people just keep coming back for more...

Superb on steamed green beans with butter. Also excellent on chicken, duck, gamebirds, fish and pork... and potatoes, root vegetables and green salads.

Stunning in a white wine butter sauce - also salad dressings and as a table condiment.

Make a delicious flame grilled RED ROMAN: Clean and scale a whole, fresh fish. Grind 5ml of Swahili Lemon Pepper into 80ml olive oil, juice of half a lemon and paint onto fish inside and out. Keep the left over mixture for basting while the fish is grilling on a low heat.

Ukuva iAfrica Fish grilling with Swahili Lemon Pepper

Ukuva iAfrica Fish grilled with Swahili Lemon Pepper

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