Ukuva iAfrica Night & Day Pepper & Sea Salt blend

“We caught up with some young Maasai herders at the edge of Ngorongoro. Completely at ease with themselves, they were friendly and intensely curious about us. As it got to early afternoon, we shared the food we had - some bread, cheese, a few tomatoes, boiled eggs and our guide’s salt and pepper mix that fascinated them immediately. They named it “night and day” spice and seemingly, could not get enough of the taste. We left several hours later with a few more stories... and without the Night and Day mix. It seemed a small price to pay...”

Black Pepper and Salt: the ideal table condiment in perfect proportion...

As pepper ages, some of the essential oils - the volatiles that give pepper its energising properties - evaporates. The salt absorbs those volatiles - over time the salt starts tasting peppery and when the two are ground together, they create a superb salt and pepper flavour experience.

Maasai Herders Ukuva iAfrica Night & Day Salt & Pepper

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