Ukuva iAfrica Mozambique Ginger & Chilli Pepper

“ Absolutely BLUE sky, reflected in warm, crystal clear water - even the shadows on the ancient Portuguese fort on Ibo island was blue... As our Dhow from Pemba anchored for the night, we watched in fascination as the blue sky darkened - for a moment, the entire world as we saw it was indigo of the purest hue. At dusk, we enjoyed a frehsly caught Barracuda - simply flame-grilled with ginger and chilli butter and a squeeze of lime - pure food heaven... ”

Ginger and chilli love tomatoes - fresh, cooked, dried, semi-dried - in salads, stews, braises and on sandwiches... and the black pepper ties all the flavours together.

Great with game fish (Barracuda or Dorado) - also beef, pork and chicken: simply melt some butter into a slpash of peanut oil, grind some Mozambique Ginger and Chilli into the mix and baste the fish or meat as its grilling. Add an Asian twist with lime, lemongrass, coconut and coriander leaves.

Ukuva iAfrica: Ibo Island off Mozambique coast

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