Ukuva iAfrica Madagascar Garlic Pepper

“ In Madagascar, seemingly ordinary things aquire a mysterious and fascinating twist. At a waterside stall at Morondava on the Mozambique channel, we found crab - freshly grilled to order, basted with a buttery sauce flavoured with pepper and garlic - comfort food Malagassy style - seemingly ordinary, but sublimely, intoxicatingly delicious!”.

Black pepper with sea salt, garlic and parsley - a popular, versatile table condiment.

The ideal blend for grilled crustaceans served with butter and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Also good with chicken, fish and pork served with a light, white wine and butter sauce. Delicious on pan-fried potatoes and green vegetables - asparagus, artichoke, beans, peas and baby marrows.

Crabs on the grill: spiced with Ukuva iAfrica's Madagascar Garlic Pepper

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