Ukuav iAfrica Kariba Sunset Tomato Pepper

"At Kariba we met an Italian who has lived nearby since the end of the war... (we never did find out which war!). Since he regarded the local tomatoes as unworthy, he had a relative smuggle out Italian tomato seeds. In the sub tropical heat, the plants grow shoulder high - the fruits, enormous. Perhaps it was the home made Limoncello - perhaps it was the fragrance of the thorn trees... but those tomatoes were sublime - rich, warm, juicy - they tasted RED ”.

Sundried tomato, black peppercorns, roast garlic, red onion, red bell pepper, olives, basil:

A fascinating blend that adds 'salty' taste without actually adding salt.

Excellent with beef - grilled, fried, slow-cooked and pot roasted. Great on tomato based salads with Italian cheese, basil and pine nuts.

Ukuva iAfrica Pizza with Kariba Sunset Tomato Pepper

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