Ukuva iAfrica Cote d'Ivoire Black Pepper

“For lunch, Mariam made Soupe d’avocat Abijanaise. Chopping the creamy, ripe avocados she picked from her tree, she added lime, yoghurt, chilli and water, shaking everything in a sparkling clean tin with 3 smooth river stones. Moments later she poured out generous bowlsful of sublime cold avocado soup. From a beautifully carved wooden spice box, she carefully picked out three precious kernels of black pepper. These she deftly crushed and sprinkled a pinch into each bowl. ”

Pure, perfect black pepper.

Excellent on foods that thrive on the flavour of freshly ground, black pepper...

The distinctive aroma of black pepper's volatile essential oils are comforting and energising, and it boosts a range of herb and spice flavours. Its a particular friend of berries (strawberries, tomatoes) and dried fruits - that's why it is excellent in fruit cakes and fruit mince pies. Freshly ground Black pepper connects all the flavours in a dish: that's its been so highly prized since the beginning of the story of spice...

Ukuva iAfrica Avocado Sandwish with Cote d'Ivoire Black Pepper

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