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Ukuva iAfrica's story is a travellers' tale told in flavours: some from the original "Recipes from a Rucksack", some were added by later travellers, because such is the nature of the stories of Africa... there are many travellers and many journeys: many threads to weave into the tale.

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Towards the beginning of the last decade of the previous century, a traveller left London on a journey of discovery that took him and his companion through Africa: from Casablanca to Dakar, across the Sahara to Cairo and eventually Cape Town, via Zanzibar and Mombassa... a journey of a thousand (or two) meals - some decidedly more memorable than others.

Mansion in Mombasa

Pumpkin roast with Ukuva iAfrica's Moroccan Harissa Spice

Roast Pumpkin with garlic, olive oil, Moroccan Harissa Spice and pumpkin seeds...

Market scene at Bati Ethiopia

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game sausage on BBQ

The journey to discover the seductive flavours of Africa continues...

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Table under thatch

Grilled Prawn with parsley butter and Ukuva Peri Peri sauce...

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